When we first approached GRP about investment in ID Sculpture, as designers and fabricators, we knew we had a good idea. What we didn’t know was the fundamentals of building and scaling a business. The Gunnison River Partnership did provide capital at a critical time, but more importantly they provided the mentorship and guidance we needed to create a sound business infrastructure, with meaningful financial reporting and good governance. GRP’s engagement was much more than a simple capital partner, the members become our trusted advisors as we navigated and asserted our position in the market. They were effective at providing this mentorship, because their membership is so diverse, comprised of leaders in a wide range of business and industry, each bringing a unique, individual perspective to our challenges.

While we were with GRP, our business grew over 6 times over. We are indebted to GRP for its contributions and believe they were essential in our success.

Andris Zobs

ID Sculpture

Partnering with Gunnison River Partnership was great for Romp Skis. Having a local group that understood the challenges of operating a business in Crested Butte was extremely beneficial. GRP helped Romp improve our bookkeeping practices in a way that gave us a much better understanding of our business.

Morgan Weinberg

Romp Skis

Gunnison River Partnership provides fuel and guidance to local companies in a growth stage. The capital invested in companies provides the funding for tools and people that take local companies to the next level. In addition, the experience of the partners can bring a diverse knowledge base to board and mentorship meetings with executive staff of portfolio companies.

David Assad

ICELab Director