The Gunnison River Partnership, LLC (GRP) consists of qualified investors (the Partners) from throughout the community seeking to invest in and support the most promising young businesses and innovators. Our belief is that such a group can constructively help strengthen and expand the economic base within the region while making good returns on our investments. Each Partner is an accredited individual investor who shares their knowledge and experience both within the group and with the entrepreneurs it invests in.

By filling the gap in local capital financing options, GRP both obtains solid investment opportunities and strengthens the overall economic base of the Valley through locally established companies and newly attracted ones.

The greater Gunnison Valley is growing and has a rich and diverse set of areas within which potential new businesses can develop. From telecommunications to alternative energy to mountain sport related hardware and software to organic farming, there is a wealth of opportunity. Many of these are tied to the programs and work at Western Colorado University as greater emphasis is placed on innovation and entrepreneurship there.

We are excited by our future prospects for successful investing as we believe that our addition of new capital, mentoring, and strategic consulting is a vital addition to the emerging businesses in the Gunnison River Valley.