Do you have an opportunity to present?

We actively encourage those who believe that their business is ready for investors who can add the capital and additional expertise needed to profitably expand or grow. All potential candidates will need to be prepared to present their case effectively both in terms of their vision and their understanding of where and how an investment can move them forward.



When is the right time to approach Gunnison River Partnership about investing?


Gunnison River Partnership considers early stage companies as well as established companies desiring to grow to the next level. 



What if I’ve already raised some money from other investors or have borrowings — is it too late to talk to you?

We are prepared to work with potential founders within their existing capitalization structure.  Prior arrangements will simply be considered as part of the overall investment opportunity.


Does Gunnison River Partnership only invest in particular areas or industries?


The Partnership is interested in all sectors.


What does GRP look for in potential investments?


We look for those companies and enterprises that offer the potential for expanding their economic impact on the region and beyond, with the potential to enhance the overall growth in jobs and business opportunities throughout the valley.  We expect to make a reasonable return on our investments and work with portfolio companies to help them meet their goals.


What do you look for in a management team?

We look for leadership and a team with a serious and enthusiastic commitment to their enterprise and collective skill set to meet their goals.


Do you invest in companies located outside of the Valley?

We invest in companies within the Gunnison Valley and those beyond with the hope that they see value in moving to the Valley.


What is your investment process and how long does it take?

Since we are prepared to invest in an organization that meets our overall requirements, there are no specific time constraints. The process begins with an initial submission of interest (see the form below) which is followed up with an initial response of interest or rejection. The next step is direct contact to establish an initial meeting with a Partner to determine if a formal presentation to the Group is appropriate.  Since we hope to establish a meaningful partnership with our client, the full process can take from [3-6] months.

While we often try to move at the pace of the prospect, an important rule applies: the less time we have to make a decision, the more conviction we have to feel about a company. Sometimes we spend months developing a relationship. Sometimes we move from intro to close in under a week.

Generally speaking, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Initial review: Every company that connects with us is reviewed by a partner. We’ll look at any materials sent by the principal, determine whether the business fits our basic investment criteria, and try to ensure it’s not directly competitive with any of our existing investments.
  2. Initial meeting: Your first meeting (or phone call) will always be with a partner. We let the founder do most of the talking, and hope they use the opportunity to dig into the specifics of their team and business. This usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes. If you have not prepared a business plan, we may follow up this initial meeting with a suggested outline for you to prepare one.
  3. Second meeting: Most of our “passes” occur after the initial meeting. If you’ve made it past that meeting, you’ll sit down again with your “point partner” as we both continue to learn more about each other. This is our chance to focus in on particular areas of the business where we have questions — and for founders to ask us more about GRP, what working with us is like, and what they could expect as a member of our community.
  4. Follow-up: Our partnership makes all decisions as a team. So, we often introduce promising founders to another GRP partner for an additional conversation.
  5. Partner meeting: If these conversations go well for both of us, we’ll typically make some reference/diligence calls and invite you to meet with the rest of the partners at our next investment meeting or via Zoom. Here, you’ll have about an hour to tell your story to the entire partnership and answer questions.
  6. Final Decision: After your presentation, our partnership will discuss your company in great detail with the goal to give you a final answer usually within [2 days] of the meeting.



How much do you usually invest in a new company?

There is no specific amount or level of investment that we make. The amount and the terms are determined on an individual basis.


Do you have strict ownership requirements?


No. The terms of each investment are meant to generate reasonable returns to the Partnership while also meeting the specific needs of the company. We tend to take non-controlling percentages. Ownership levels are negotiated to reflect the value-added of the investment.


How do you help your companies raise money?


Beyond investing in the companies themselves, we can put entrepreneurs in touch with other investors as well as with funding partners.


Some Helpful Guidance on Making Presentations:

As you prepare your business proposition, here are some sources of guidance and examples you might find useful:

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