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The Gunnison River Partnership, LLC (GRP) is committed to the identification and support of promising young entrepreneurs and businesses. As the only Venture Capital group located in the Gunnison Valley, we work to energize and strengthen the overall economic vitality of the region by either growing existing businesses; supporting startup founders; or attracting promising businesses. Launched in 2012, GRP currently includes more than 30 Partners who bring a broad range of experience and expertise to the group. We have discovered that there is a diverse and vibrant set of people and opportunities for growth in the Valley and have found the opportunity to invest in several of these.


Our goal is to increase both the flow of new opportunities to the Partnership and to assure the most promising of these find the funding and support needed to grow and prosper bringing jobs and new revenue to the communities around them. The Partnership seeks to invest in those early-stage companies where there is potential for significant growth and meaningful impact on the local economy. In each case, the character of the investment is determined by the particular needs of the company and a proper assessment of the potential rates of return to the investors. In all cases, the Partnership also provides mentoring and professional guidance to aid in fostering the success of these businesses.


Gunnison River Partnership offers a serious venture capital resource within the Gunnison River Valley. Our portfolio shows our success in strengthening the local economy. This has resulted in creating jobs and generating spin-off business.

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